When you are looking for a pharmacy to join your health management team, look no further than your Kalona One to One Pharmacy. We are happy to provide the personalized customer service you want to help manage your health. Our pharmacists and technicians can review your medication records, dosages, and possible side effects or interactions. In addition, we take great care in dispensing your medication, are happy to explain how to administer your meds for the maximum benefit, and answer any other questions you may have including help with insurance or payment options.

Discover all the benefits of One to One Service

One Pack Program

Skip the hassle of pill trays and the clutter of a cupboard full of pill bottles with this handy easy to open packets.

Fullscript Supplements

Let us recommend nutritional supplements that can support the prescribed medications you are currently taking.

RXLocal Pharmacy App

Stay in convenient contact with us using this handy app on your phone, tablet or computer.


Medical Equipment

Ambulatory aids, like walkers, canes, & rollators; commodes, braces & wraps, lumbar supports, crutches, diabetic supplies, blood pressure kits, cpap supplies and we can order much more.


Convenient Delivery

Complimentary same day delivery in town, or we can ship certain prescriptions to you if you are away from home for an extended period, depending on your location.

Convenient Med Sync

Save time for the important things by utilizing our medication synchronization service, so you only have to stop once a month to get all your families’ prescription needs.