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Our Kalona location is happy to partner with you as you strive to maintain your best health

One Pack Program

Manage your pills with ease and never forget a dose with our simple to use packets

Fullscript Supplements

Support Your Complete Health with Vitamins, Supplements and Health Foods

RX Local Pharmacy App

Making communication more convenient for refills and new prescriptions

One Stop, Once A Month

Medication Synchronization saves you time for more important things


Durable Medical Equipment

When you need a little extra something to help you manage independently


Convenient Delivery

Direct to your Home or Wherever You Roam, We’ll Get Your Prescriptions to You

At One to One, we do more than just fill your prescription.

It’s well known that patients with personalized support have better outcomes in their health care journey. So, in addition to helping make medicines affordable and convenient, One to One also provides personalized, expert support to our members as they make health care decisions. We do this because everyone deserves an advocate, and nothing should stand between people and their path to better health.

Three Free Masks

Every US Citizen is able to receive their allotment of free face masks at local participating pharmacies where vaccines are being made available to the public. We are encouraging our customers to stop and pick up their allotment as they stop to pick up their monthly prescriptions. Or if you are currently not on any prescription medications, you can just stop in to receive your three.

Medication Adherence

We have several options to assist in ensuring that your prescription is taken in the manner it has been prescribed. Our One Pack program is just one way we help our patients keep track of their medication schedules.

Insurance Assistance

One to One accepts most insurance plans as well as Medicare. When you request a prescription, we can look up your coverage, file claims on your behalf, and check to see if it is covered by your plan.

Private Consultations

Concerned about medication interactions or possible side effects? We are happy to meet with you privately and answer all your questions to ensure that what you are taking is fully meeting your health care needs.

Talking One to One

One to One wants to ensure that you stay well informed about topics of importance to your physical & mental wellbeing. To this end, we have created some interesting videos for your benefit.  Check them out here on our YouTube channel.

The Latest Health News

As a Good Neighbor Pharmacy, we are able to provide you with a wealth of knowledge through our Good Neighbor Blog. This newsletter is filled with timely and helpful articles on many subjects.

Accidental Med Interaction

You might think the medicines you have at home are safe, but if taken incorrectly they may cause great harm. This article explains how to effectively safe guard your family.

Poison Help

In an emergency, it is always best to call 911. But if you have questions about the toxicity of medicines, plants or household products, this link is a handy tool.

Pill Identification Wizard

This handy app makes identifying unknown medications quick and easy, and takes the guess work out of identifying pills or capsules.

Update your Medicare Coverage

We would love to discuss your Medicare Plan Part D insurance options! Use the link above to schedule an appointment with our Pharmacy Staff.

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